Tantric Mandala

Tantric Mandala

Tantric Mandala is a pictorial representation of the divine forces. Tantric Mandala plays an important role in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The tantric asserts that the divine tradition form do not exist objective entities. Not necessary to develop the idea of divinity in human form in order to create awareness among the common man.
Tantric Mandala most importantly used for meditation and also read and study like text. The purpose of a Mandala is to acquaint the student with the Tantric, and allow the student to identify with the deity and its sacred surroundings of Mandala.

Types of Mandala

There are two types in tantric mandala

The space where the ritual occurs is sacred and it considered as Mandala.

Three dimensional image is created it implies the residence of the Tantric deity. The participants can also able to see it as they move front for various empowerments.

Iconography of Tantric Mandala

According to Tantra, a man who is incapable to seeing within him cannot able experience the formless reality. The Mandalas were forms Gods and Goddesses have been developed into elaborate and visual symbols. even so the imagination of divinity has to be finally surpassed and widened into the experience of shapeless realism. The of Devi’s and Devas mandala symbols cover an endless array of forms, colors and depictions. Some are beautiful, others provocative, some kind, others bizarre and fear-provoking. In each Mandala, the structure is in detailed and designed as to evoke a consequent response within the aspirant’s consciousness.

Tantric Mandala Effects

Mandala is based on the perpetual model structure of man’s collective unconsciousness. These Mandalas are draw out these archetypes in the manner of a magnet drawing out iron fillings from diamonds. The more one how the person concentrates on a Mandala, the deep Samskaras within are awakened as well as reveals the unknown through dreams, visions and mental action. The aspirant is not forced to face the samskara’s directly, so it does not affect ones normal routine. It is a way to bypassing a fearsome enemy against which one cannot defend himself. Mandalas are aesthetic and visually impressive in nature. They are able to capture and direct the imagination of links the mind.

Tantric Mandala practice

The participants will offer rice which is symbolic of wealth, by throwing it at least twice during the rite. The rice is swept up and collected to feed to birds and other animals. The fingers were used as symbolic gesture of offering the world.

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