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Animal Mandala

Animal mandalas will attract from the simple designs featuring cute little puppies and kittens that appeal to children, to detailed works of art ripe with spiritual symbolism. It is an artistic tool for children, animal mandalas can supplement learning and provide an outlet for creative expression. Children’s Animal Mandalas The creative expression is the main …

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Components of Mandala

The word Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. A circle is perfect with beginning or end. It represents God, the whole, the universe, the world, or the individual. It is a container that encompasses everything within it. Symmetry, Geometry, Color, Number, and Intention are the five primary components of mandala. Symmetry The symmetry brings about feelings …

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A mandala is typically a circle .It is inspiring colors and patterns. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’. It is a spiritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Crochet mandalas can be used as coasters, hot pads, wall decorations .That is a simple and color therapy. A mandala is attempting to crochet can be quite …