Components of Mandala

The word Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. A circle is perfect with beginning or end. It represents God, the whole, the universe, the world, or the individual. It is a container that encompasses everything within it.

Components of Mandala
five primary components of mandala.

Symmetry, Geometry, Color, Number, and Intention are the five primary components of mandala.


The symmetry brings about feelings of balance, harmony and peace. Symmetry is one of the mandala’s primary component and the heart of each and every mandala.The Symmetry everyday refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance similarity that is found in two halves of an object. The designs almost always contain symmetrical on a central axis and radial symmetrical around a central point.


Mandalas always begin with a circle. Its form is the embodiment of perfection. It used as a symbol of god, the self, the passage of time and more in history.And the other geometric symbols, shapes, and icons can be used to add further meaning to each mandala. Every symbol has a meaning. I pay close attention to the symbols I add, especially if the mandala is going to used for meditation or to help facilitate change.90% of fractural geometry are used to create mandala. Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature. It found within us and all around us. It used to understand nature , clouds and lightning, the formation of coastlines , mountain ranges and the growth of bacteria and trees to name a few. I view fractals as a powerful expression of the creation. Their repetitive and the spiraling nature make them a natural fit for meditation and mandala design.


Each individual color has a meaning or symbolism. I create a mandala, color and color combinations by keeping this information in mind. And it can be used to more about healing, prosperity, transformation and much much more.


The study of numbers, or numerology, plays an important role in empowering a mandala. Like Numbers colors also have various meanings and characteristics associated with them. By choosing a mandala that resonates with a specific number, you can bring the characteristics of that number into your life. If you are looking to become more intuitive, you want to work with a purple / violet mandala that has seven radiations (spokes) since both purple and the number seven work to increase intuition.


Setting a clear intention to use with the mandala select or commission, you are choosing it to activate for a particular outcome. Your choice mandala will act forever as a symbol of this intention and as a tool to help you to achieve it.

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