Animal Mandala

Animal Mandala

Animal mandalas will attract from the simple designs featuring cute little puppies and kittens that appeal to children, to detailed works of art ripe with spiritual symbolism. It is an artistic tool for children, animal mandalas can supplement learning and provide an outlet for creative expression. The symbol, meaning and design of animal is more important and the kids like the baby animal mandala it is one of the attractive thing to the kids and they like to play with the baby animal .

Children’s Animal Mandalas

The creative expression is the main purpose of children’s animal mandalas . They may used to reduce the stress, induce relaxation and to promote focus. The Coloring pre-made mandalas is often the preferred method of introducing young children to mandalas. Grownup children can draw or design their own mandala.

Two Forms of Children Mandala

The mandala consists of one large central image of an animal that is generally contained inside a circular outer rim.

The mandala may contain the repetitive images of often related animals it may be a repetitive image of mandala

General Children’s Animal Mandalas

Baby Animals

Puppies and kittens are most popular baby animals it may contain any baby animals. They may include baby ducks, chicks, bunnies and bear, deer or porcupine.



Mostly children are attracted by the horses; it is the common theme for children’s coloring pages, including mandalas. Generally, the horse image is the central image with other decorative details within the mandala. In horse mandala sometimes the art highlights only the horse’s head. There are three types of horses heavy horses, light horses, and ponies horses were used for war in ancient days. and also it was used for riding.

Animal Habitat Mandalas

These mandalas feature the animal within its habitat and are ideal for children and to learn about animals in different biomes or learn about domestic and wild animals. Like sea horse mandala feature the primary animal in the center with images related to its natural habitat filling the sections of the mandala. These mandalas function as a teaching aid as well as provide an opportunity for artistic expression.

Animal Mandala in Story Books

Kids enjoying the fantasy of animals from the story books. Animals, like dragons and unicorns, lion, elephant are a fun choice for little ones. Animal Story book are popular among children.

Symbolism of Animal Mandalas

The Animal mandalas for Adults animal mandala are typically chosen for their symbolism. Consider these common meanings are associated with animal mandalas.



The lion is the one of the most power animal and it is the king of forest. The lion has forever been a symbol of strength, power and ferocity .The lion be as a emblem of the India it represent the power, courage, confidence, and pride. According to Buddhist belief, the lion represents loyalty, protection, wisdom and pride. If you are striving to develop wisdom in your life or wish to express your loyalty and sense of protection for your family, a lion may be a good choice for you.


The Wolf generally symbolizes family, protection and loyalty. The wolf also represents spiritual enlightenment for some. Many choose a wolf as their personal or family symbol and enjoy the mandalas depicted the wolf. He Wolf belongs to the family of dogs and they are carnivores .It consider as most intelligent animal in the earth. Wolves are spread across forests, mountain regions, and deserts and found in all the seven continents .Globally there are two species of wolf, the Gray wolf and Red wolf .And the Lifespan of wolf is 6 to 10 years.



The elephant symbolizes both physical and mental strength. It also represents steadfastness, earthiness and responsibility. The elephant may help you attain your goals if you wish to build both physical and mental strength. Elephants show as much concern for their family as humans do and they are highly intelligent animals with complex emotions, feelings, compassion and self-awareness Some elephants come from Africa. Elephants are used as working animals in Asia. In ancient times elephants were used for war. Elephants are the largest existing land animals.

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